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the science of
Wellness in a Bottle

our story

Dr. Hemp Essentials was formed in 2018 with the mission to
elevate your sense of general health and well-being with a daily
routine that includes proprietary scientific formulas enhanced with
the healthy benefits of CBD. There has been a recent flood of
questionable CBD products on the market, which is why we felt
obligated to create Dr. Hemp Essentials with industry-leading
experts from our lab technicians, to our development teams. Dr.
Hemp is here to provide you with trusted, top-quality products
that are crafted to your unique and consciously healthy needs.

We founded Dr. Hemp Essentials to promote general well-being
by combining nature’s best all natural ingredients with a
THC-FREE CBD. And when we say best, we mean it, using the
highest quality, CBD with premium, natural ingredients we
proudly stand behind.

Jake Co-founder and Director of Operations

The Science of Wellness in a Bottle

Our products are scientifically designed to provide consistent, round-the-clock relief from their everyday symptoms. This isn’t a pain killer you pop for instant results. This is a daily regimen of vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts designed to build up in your system to provide the kind of changes that make life easier. Make sure you stay on top of your refills -- Doctors orders.

Rest, Relief& Wellness

It is our intention to pursue rest, relief and wellness. CBD allows us to enhance our everyday lives which gives us the fiuel to go over after
what we want most. Whether it’s achieving your dream body, being your most productive at work, or simply living pain free; we feel it’s
our responsibility to share our solution to the world. It’s what keeps us going. What fuels you?